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D’Amelio Stone is a family business that commenced in 1997. Father and Son began in a small shed with the background knowledge of stone and experience in tiling. Now, D’Amelio Stone supplies the finest builders and cabinet makers in Perth exclusive service and quality craftsmanship in a wide variety of stone from Natural to Engineered and porcelain.

We supply, manufacture and install all types of bench tops, plinths, spa surrounds, staircases, internal and external cladding and flooring.

Natural Stone

Granite’s unique interlocking crystal structure is what makes it so robust and allows for it to be used in all areas, whether being internal or external. It is also highly heat, scratch and stain resistant. If used for kitchen benchtops, hot pots from the stove can be put directly on top of the granite and cutting can be done straight on the top without scratching it.

Marble is typically known for being athetically pleasing and generally attractive with its signature look of soft veins. However, it is a very porous stone and can scratch quite easily. Therefore, we do not recommend it in areas prone to acidic or chemicals spills, such as the kitchen and laundry. However, Marble still remains a popular choice for certain areas like: flooring, cladding and vanity tops, keeping in mind that it is well maintained. (Refer to Care and Maintenance)

Travertine and Limestone are available in either vein or cross cut versions. They are quite commonly used for flooring or cladding and come in a variety of attractive colours. Much like Marble, they require some careful attention. (Refer to our Gallery)

Marble and Travertine are both recommended to be honed, brushed, or sandblasted when they are required for exterior areas.

Engineered Stone and Porcelain Sheets

Engineered Stone and Porcelain Sheets provide an attractive option for the customer to achieve the look and feel of Natural stone, but without the vigilant upkeep. These products have revolutionised over the years to the point where some varieties are virtually identical to the authentic Marble/Granite/Travertine itself. And with resilient characteristics and basically no maintenance required, it’s no wonder these products have become so popular. There is a wide variety of colours, textures and brands available and we are equipped to work with ALL types.

Care & Maintenance

Marble Granite and Travertine should be cleaned with a damp non coarse cloth/fibre and warm water. Any spills should be cleaned straight away especially on the more porous stones. Do not use sand paper or cleaners containing grit or abrasives on polished marble surfaces. Do not use vinegar, lemon juice or other cleaners containing acids on Marble or Travertine.  ENJO fibres or the like are fantastic for general cleaning and maintenance of stone.

Granite, Marble and Travertine bench tops are sealed on installation and we recommend sealing of all flooring. All natural stone flooring should be re-sealed approximately every 2-3 years on high traffic areas.

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